Swahili Cooking Lessons

Have you ever wondered what the people of Zanzibar eat and how they cook? Swahili Cooking Lessons give the opportunity to see, taste and smell the flavours of Zanzibar. These cooking lessons are designed for those who want to create delicious Swahili meals. All our local chefs are carefully selected and speak excellent English. The classes are extremely informative and full of learning and practical time.

In a Baboo House you will experience how to cook the real Swahili dishes originally from Zanzibar. The professional local women will run a special training to you for the preparation of Swahili food such as, Ugali, Wali, Vipopoo, Maandazi, mboga, Tuwi, Mchuzi, Visheti, Chapati etc. What you will prepare is what you will get for lunch!

At 10:00 am after breakfast, you will be collected from your hotel straight to Baboo Tours. The ladies will dress typical Zanzibar colorful kanga smell Zanzibar essence. You will be with our shelf and your guide straight to the local market while handling a traditional typical Zanzibar bag ( mkoba). You will visit the market while collecting the ingredients that will be useful to your cooking lesson. There you will experience the jokes of the market people. You will hear them calling you Zanzibar names such as Asha, Fatuma and others to feel yourself that you are a typical Zanzibar lady.

The trip will take you back to Baboo House where you will get your lesson in a Swahili kitchen with your chef . You always have what you prepare as your lunch.